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1967 Shelby Cobra GT 350 & GT 500 Specifications

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ModelGT 350GT 500
List Prices in 1967$3,995$4,195
TypeV-8,iron block, water cooled
HeadCast iron, removable
ValvesOverhead, pushrod/rocker-actuated
Max BHP306 @ 6,000 rpm355 bhp @ 5,400rpm
Max Torque329 lbs.-ft @ 4,200 rpm420 lbs.-ft @ 3,200rpm
Displacement289cid, 4272cc428cid, 7051cc
Compression Ratio10.5:110.5:1
Induction systemSingle Holley four-barrel, 715 cfm Holley# R-3259 (Automatic cars got a 595 cfm Holley.) (The Paxton supercharger was offered as an option on the GT 350 only.) The Holley was mounted on an aluminum Cobra intake. Early cars used S2MS, later cars had S7MS. Dual Holley four-barrel, 600 cfm Holley# - Front R-2804, Rear R-2805
Exhaust systemStandard, dual exhaust
Electrical system12-volt distributor system
Fuel consumption13-15 mpg
FrameUnibody, welded
BodySteel & fiberglass hood, side scoops and rear
Front suspensionUnequal arms, coil springs, adjustable tube arms, anti-sway bar
Rear suspensionLive axle, multi-leaf, semi-elliptical springs, tube shocks
Tire type and sizeGoodyear Speedway 350, ES 70-15
Wheel Size15.6x6.5" or optional 15x7" (Even though the standard wheel was a steel rim with a Ford/Shelby wheel cover the most common wheel was the Kelsy-Hayes steel wheels or the 10-spoke Shelby cast aluminum 15"x7".)
Weights and Measures
Front track58"
Rear track58"
Overall height51.6"
Overall width70.9"
Overall length186.6"
Ground clearance6.5"
Crankcase5 quart
Cooling system20 quart
Gas tank18 gallons
Curb weight3,360 lbs.3,370 lbs.
Weight Distribution53/47%56.4/43.6%
TypeSingle dry disc - Pressure plate is a Borg & Beck 3 finger style
TypeFour speed, full syncromesh, Ford Top Loader or optional C-4 Ford automaticFour speed, full syncromesh, Ford Top Loader or optional C-6 Ford automatic
BrakesFront11.3" Kelsey-Hayes discs
Rear10x2.5" drums
Ratios3.89:1 4 speed3.25:1 4 speed
3.50:1 Automatic3.50:1 Automatic
Drive axles - typeEnclosed, semi-floating
TypePower Assist Recirculating ball
Turns, lock to lock3.54.75
Turning circle37'
0-30 mph2.8 secs2.8 secs
0-40 mph3.6 secs
0-50 mph5.6 secs
0-60 mph7.1 secs4.8 secs
0-70 mph9.0 secs
0-80 mph11.8 secs
0-10019.03 secs
Quarter Mile15.3 secs @ 91 mph13.6 secs @ 106 mph
Top Speed129 mph @ 6,100 rpm133 mph @ 5,100 rpm
3rd gear104 mph @ 6,500 rpm93 mph @ 5,500 rpm
2nd gear78 mph @ 6,500 rpm68 mph @ 5,500 rpm
1st gear55 mph @ 6,500 rpm51 mph @ 5,500 rpm
LeMans Stripes
Kelsey Hays Mag Star Wheels 15x7
10 Spoke Shelby aluminum wheels
Automatic Transmission (Ford C-4)Automatic Transmission (Ford C-6)
Air Conditioning
Tinted Glass
Ford Traction-Lok Limited Slip Rear End
Detroit Locker Rear End
Paxton Supercharger
Mandatory Options:
Power Brakes
Power Steering
Air Craft Type Front Seat Shoulder Harness
Fold-down Rear Seat