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1968 Shelby Cobra GT350, GT500 & GT500KR

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The year 1968 was a pivotal year in the Shelby story. This was the fourth year for the Shelby Mustangs. The lease was up on the Los Angeles airport facilities. Obtaining quality fiberglass was problem and more volume was going to be needed. Sales of the ’68 cars was expected to be high enough to warrant a larger and more efficient production line. John Kerr who was a Ford guy became the General Manager at Shelby American. He knew of a company near Ford in Michigan that just had just lost their contract with Chevy for building Corvettes. This company had the production facilities to handle the expected sales and they could offer higher quality fiberglass. A deal was made to move the production to AO Smith in Ionia MI.

The cars were shipped as Mustang GT’s just like the 1967 cars. This year a convertible was going to be offered. The Mustang GT cars got the Shelby touch with some modifications. The front end and rear end and tail cap were fiberglass. Roll bar welded to the floor like the ’67’s had. One other big change came mid-year when Ford introduced the 428 Cobra Jet engine, Shelby used that engine in the GT 500 KRs.

This set of pages will includes a special page dedicated to my personal 1968 Shelby Cobra GT 350. I wanted a place to document my car which is how this particular set of Shelby Cars pages started.

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