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Shelby Story

This set of pages includes a short version of Carroll Shelby story and the early cars.

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1965 Shelby GT 350

Lee Iococca wanted the Mustang to have a performance image. He enlisted Shelby to do that. And they did.

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1967 Shelby Cobra

New larger Mustang and intro of the big block GT500

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The Cobras

Shelby stuffed a small Ford V8 into an English sports car and made history.

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1966 Shelby GT 350

Second year for the Shelby Mustangs. Sales grow. You could Rent a Shelby Hertz.

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1968 Shelby Cobras

Best selling year for the Shelby Mustangs. GT500KR and convertible offered

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The Shelby Race Cars

Going racing with Shelby American

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The Shelby Connection

Other cars that received the Shelby American magic touch, old and newer Cobra Mustangs

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The 1969-70 Shelby GT350 & GT500

The last year for these Shelby Mustangs.

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Why This Web Page?

I am a long time owner of a ’68 GT350. During my research to restore my car, I learned about Carroll Shelby and Shelby American. The more I read the more I was impressed. I became a big fan and very knowledgable about the story.

Early in the process, we had an English photographer named Nicky Wright show up at a club meeting looking for some Mustangs to shoot for a book he was doing. We agreed and he drove a bunch of us crazy that summer shooting pictures of our cars. But my mother, Donna, and I adopted Nicky. He became family.

He was heading back to England to see his book publisher. Before he left I proposed that he and I do a book on Shelby’s cars. He told me to write the materials, he would sell the project and we’d shoot pictures when he returned. A couple months later I had the book written. But he didn’t get the publisher to buy in. They told him the niche was too small so the book wouldn’t sell.

Skip ahead, my Mother and I were talking one day and she suggested I take the written book I had and put it on a web page. The internet was pretty new at this time. I had all the text in a computer file. So I figured out how to make it a web page. I bought the domain name and put it on the internet. It was the first Shelby Cars web page.

Next Steps…

A good place to start learning about the Shelby story is with Carroll Shelby. Click the button to the right.


Disclaimer: This web page is not endorsed by or affiliated with the Ford Motor Company or Shelby American or the estate of Carroll Shelby. This is a fan’s web page put together to share information about these unique cars and the contribution Carroll Shelby and his people gave the auto world. The impact Shelby and his team had on the future of street performance and race cars was immense.