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The Carroll Shelby Story of his Cobras and Shelby Mustangs

You need to know a bit about Carroll Shelby to truely appreciate the cars bearing his name. Books have been written about the Shelby story. I am not going to tell the whole story here, but I will give you an overview of Carroll Shelby, his story and his cars. Use the menu of links to access the different pages on this topic.

Also in this section will be links to some resources on the net and a list of books that will provide you much more information. The story of Carroll Shelby is more than just a story about cars. Carroll Shelby was a man for the times. His vision of what an American sports car could be made a tremendous impact on the direction American sports cars took. The Ford Mustang and its competitors were children of Shelby’s.

His influence on racing earned Shelby American and Ford a permanent place in racing history. Shelby American was the first American auto manufacturer to win an international championship. Shelby’s team then took a losing Ford GT 40 and turned it into a winner. 

There are numerous books about Carroll Shelby, Shelby American and those years, including several by Shelby, himself. In this section I’ll list all of the books I know about.

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