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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

here are some questions and answers you might be interested in reading

So how did this web page ever get put on the internet?

The story is a bit longer than would fit here. But in a nutshell I was talking to Nicky Wright one day. I had gotten pretty deep into reading about Carroll Shelby and his cars. I owned a ’68 GT 350 so I wanted to learn about it. I suggested Nicky and I do a book on Shelby Mustangs. He was going to be seeing his publisher soon. So before he headed back to England he told me to write the story of the Shelby Mustangs and when he got back, we would take the pictures for the book. I started writing immediately. When he returned a couple of months later I had the book written. But he didn’t get the publisher interested. They told him it was too small of a Niche to sell books to. A bit later, my mother Donna and I were talking which we did often and she said why don’t you put up a Shelby Cars web page, you have the information written out and saved to a computer file. She and I had been building web pages so there was room for one more. Actually TheCarSource.com was one of the first if not the first Shelby cars web page on the internet.

Do you own a Shelby Mustang?

I found a 1968 GT 350 in 1982. At that time I thought it was a pretty cool, red Mustang with scoops, a tail spoiler and neat fiberglass hood. I have owned that car ever since. If you are into classic Mustangs or early Shelby’s read about what I have done to my Shelby. The last 5+ years I have “enhanced” my old Mustang with Wilwood disc brakes, all new front and rear suspension, lowered it an inch, aluminum heads, and balanced & blue printed the engine. Read about my Shelby GT 350 here.

Are you selling something?

Not on this web page. This is a hobby or rather a passion. I had these pages with all this information. So I redid them in WordPress to give you access to this information.