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The second year for the Shelby Mustangs. Sales were expected to be more than in 1965 so Shelby American geared up for building more cars. The early ’66 cars got the full ’65 suspension changes. Some were leftover ’65’s. The major difference in the cars, other than some got the full race suspension and later cars were stock 1965 Mustang GT’s with some modifications.

There was a unique opportunity with Hertz Rental. The sports car division stopped leasing Corvettes. Peyton Cramer at Shelby American Thought he’d see if he could get Hertz interested in renting A Shelby GT 350 Mustang. He was hoping Hertz would take at least 50 GT 350’s. The deal ended up being for 1,000 cars. And Shelby American was involved with all kinds of racing efforts from just building and selling race cars to running some teams. The Shelby cars were very successful on the tracks. Good year for Shelby American.

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