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Shelby American needed a more streamlined Cobra to compete with the Ferrari GTO’s. Even though the Cobra roadsters had more horsepower, their top speed was about 160 mph. Not fast enough to outrun the GTO’s on the long straights of the European race courses. Racing the Roadsters was like running a barn door. Pete Brock said he could design and build a closed Cobra coupe that would beat the Ferrari’s. Shelby gave him the go ahead. The first race a Cobra Coupe ran in was at Daytona. The cars became known as the Daytona Coupes. The six Ford backed Coupes went to Europe and won the 1965 World GT Championship. Shelby American is the only American car company to do that. This is another Shelby legendary story.

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Carroll Shelby giving the thumbs up to the Coupe at Daytona Debut