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1966 GT 350 Options and Production Changes

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Lowered A-Arms

  •     Cars between 001-252 received lowered A-Arms, a few cars were lowered after those

Traction Bars

  •     Early cars before #800 received over-ride traction bars same as the 1965 cars
  •     Later cars received under-ride traction bars


  •     Fiberglass hoods with a steel frame were used on early cars, and cars after #925
  •     All steel hoods were used on cars from #470-#925 and #1965-#2100

Valve Covers

  •     Early cars received “hollow-letter” style 
  •     Later cars got solid letter with black crinkle finish

Exterior Colors   

  •     Wimbledon White
  •     Candy Apple Red
  •     Sapphire Blue
  •     Ivy Green
  •     Raven Black

Rocker Panel Stripes

  •     White cars had blue stripes
  •     All Other cars had white stripes
  •     Hertz cars had gold stripes except a few early ones that were white with blue stripes

Le Mans Stripes

  •     Same Color combinations as the Rocker Panel Stripes
  •     Some stripes were applied at Shelby American, most were painted on by the dealer
  •     Most Hertz cars had Le Mans stripes (early cars didn’t)


  •     Early cars had 15″ steel wheels painted silver
  •     Optional wheels were 15″ Cragar/Shelby 5-spokes
  •     Later cars received from factory, 14″ Magnum 500s painted gray
  •     Some cars had 14″ steel wheels painted silver
  •     Optional wheel was a 14″ aluminum alloy 10-spoke
  •     Hertz cars had 14″ Chrome Magnum 500s


  •     Borg Warner T-10 was standard with aluminum case and close ratio gears
  •     Optional C-4 high performance automatic

Rear End

  •     Detroit Automotive Products “No-Spin” ratcheting rear end was a dealer installed option

Shock Absorbers

  •     Koni adjustable shock absorbers were standard up and including car #252, dealer installed after that

Paxton Super Charger

  •     Optional factory installed

Air Conditioning

  •     Dealer installed option using a standard Ford under the dash unit


  •     Standard on all Hertz cars
  •     Dealer installed option on all other cars

Wood-Rimmed Steering Wheel

  •     Dealer installed option

Rear Axle

  •     Standard gear was 3.89:1, all others dealer installed

Rear Seat

  •     The standard fold down seat was listed as an option, it was included on all but the first 82 cars