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Tiger Production Figures

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The Tigers were a very limited production car that had an interesting evolution. Phil Remington stuffed the first V8 into the small car. But as the popularity of the cars was starting an upswing, Chrysler came into the picture. After Chrysler acquired the the rights to the cars, the original production information was lost. Over the years fans of the cars have pieced together what are now considered to be pretty reliable production figures. Thanks to the sources listed below for this information. 

Tiger Production Totals
MK I ‘sB9470001-B9473762 & B94737674/64-8/653,763
PROTOTYPEB9479975 & B94799767/5/652
PROTOTYPEPH650039 & PH6500408/652
S. AFRICA TIGERSB9480001-B94800731964-196773
MK IA ‘sB328000001-B3820027068/7/65-2/9/662,706
MK II PROTOTYPEB382100001-B3821000212/19/662
MK II ‘sB382100100-B3820063312/66-6/27/67534
Total production  7,085

Source: Norman Miller’s “Rootes Group Depot”

Sunbeam Production
ModelYrs Prod# Made
Alpine Roadster (early style)53-55n/a
Alpine Roadster60-6769,251
Tiger Mark I/IA (260 c.i.)65-676,450
Tiger Mark II (289 c.i.)67633

Source: Bill Martin’s “Sports Car Market Magazine”

Thanks to TigersUnited.com – go there for more information about the Tiger’s