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Shelby Cars Production Numbers

Cobras and Shelby Mustangs Production Numbers
I’vet included total production so you can see how rare these cars really are.
1962-65 260 Cobras 
Street Cars62
Factory Teams Cars (initially 260 engines then updated to 289)4
Factory Prepared Competition Cars (initially  with 260 engines then updated to 289)1
Independently-prepared competition race cars7
Dragonsnake (initially 260 engine then updated to 289)1
Total 260 Cobras75
289 Cobras 
Street Cobras455
Standard Competition2
Sebring Cobras3
LeMans Cobras3
427 Prototypes1
427 Prototypes ‘Flip-Top”1
FIA Roadsters5
Daytona Coupes6
USRRC Roadsters6
Total Factory Team Cars29
Factory Prepared Competition Cobras
Standard Competition2
LeMans Prototype1
LeMans Replica3
USRRC Roadsters5
Independently-Prepared Race Cobras21
Dragonsnake Cobras2
COB/COX* Street Cobras60
COB/COX* Race Cobra1
Total 289 Cobras580
Total small block Cobras655
(COB – Cobras for Great Britain)
*(COX Cobras for export other than to Great Britain)
Coil Spring Big Block Cobras
Street Cars260
Prototype Competition Roadsters2
Production Competition Roadsters19
Semi-Competition Roadsters1
Daytona Super Coupe1
Chassis Only3
COB/COX Cobras32
1965-67 427 & 428 Cobras348
Total Cobras Built1,003
 1965 GT 350515
GT 350R36
GT 350 Drag Cars9
GT 350 Street Prototype1
Competition Prototype GT 3501
Total 1965 Shelby Mustangs562
1966 GT 3501,370
GT 350H (Hertz rental cars)1,000
GT 350 convertibles6
GT 350 Drag Cars4
Total 1966 Shelby Mustangs2,380
1967 GT 350 (289 engine)1,175
GT 5002,048
GT 500 Notchback Prototype (coupe)1
GT 500 Convertible Prototype1
Total 1967 Shelby Mustangs3,225
1968 GT 350 (302 engine)1,253
GT 350 convertible404
GT 5001,140
GT 500 convertible402
GT 500KR933
GT 500KR convertible318
GT 500 Notchback Prototype1
Total 1968 Shelby Mustangs4,451
1969 & 1970 GT 350 (351 cid engine)935
GT 350 convertible194
GT 5001,536
GT 500 convertible335
GT 350 Hertz Cars150
Prototype Test Cars3
Cars updated to 1970 est789
Total 1969-70 Shelby Mustangs3,294
Shelby Cars Totals
Shelby Mustangs13,912
Total Shelby cars produced14,915

For perspective: The three bestselling years for Ford’s Mustang line came in 1965, 1966 and 1967, with sales of 607,500, 559,500 and 472,000 cars, respectively.

Source of information is SAAC (The Shelby American Automobile Club)