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Mustang Production Numbers

To appreciate how rare Shelby Mustangs are you need to see the total production numbers of all Mustangs by year. Take a look at these numbers. The Mustang was a very popular car even in the early years. The Shelby Mustangs are a small fraction of these numbers.

These numbers come from CJ Pony, a great place to find parts for your classic and newer Mustangs. I’ve spent a lot with CJ Pony over the years myself.

Model YearMustang Production numbers
1964 1/2 Mustangs126,500
-Shelby Mustangs0
1965 Mustangs559,500
-Shelby Mustangs562 or .01%
1966 Mustangs607,500
-Shelby Mustangs2,380 or .03%
1967 Mustangs472,000
-Shelby Mustangs3,225 or .06%
1968 Mustangs317,500
-Shelby Mustangs4,451 or 1.4%
1969 Mustangs300,000
-Boss 302 Production1,628
-Boss 429 Production859
-Mach 172,458
-Shelby Mustangs 1969-703,294 or 1.1% of 1969 Mustang
1970 Mustangs190,750
-Boss 302 Production7,013
-Boss 429 Production499
-Mach 140,970
1971 Mustangs150,000
-Boss 3511,806
-Mach 136,499
1972 Mustangs125,000
-Mach 127,675
1973 Mustangs135,000
-Mach 144,046
Total Shelby American Cars built Cobras and Mustangs14,915