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Wilwood Discs Install Pictures

Pictures of the brake install at Samaritan Tire

I felt it was time to do something with the braking on my Mustang. The thing that prompted me to do this upgrade was getting into a panic stop and wondering if I was going to stop in time. With an old car like this, you fix things are they come to the top of the “fix it next” list.

What a enhancement to my car! Replacing those old Kelsey Hayes single piston and going with current technology 4 piston discs on the front was a great idea. My classic Mustang may not stop like a newer Mustang but this upgrade made a HUGE difference.

The disc brakes aren’t the only thing I upgraded. We also installed new stainless steel brake lines, a power brake booster and new master cylinder. Can’t wait to put Wilwoods on the rear. You need confidence in your brakes. I now have that. By the way, Shelby American today replaces the stock brakes on the GT Mustangs from Ford with Wilwood brakes.

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