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These pictures are from 2018 post the suspension replacement and the car dropping an inch on both ends.

Engine after rebuild. Shelby Mustangs came from Ford with the Export Brace behind the engine connecting the shock towers to the firewall. Stock domestic Mustangs got a TWO piece brace. I added the curved Monte Carlo bar running across the engine compartment in front of the Cobra air cleaner. This is an aftermarket part used to strengthen the front end. This bar was first used in the Falcon’s being raced at Monte Carlo in Europe. The story goes that Carroll Shelby was the one that recommended adding that brace to strengthen up the front end of the racing Falcons.

Other things you can see in this engine compartment picture. The Aluminum heads & dual feed fuel line to the Brawler carb. I replaced the stock 2 core radiator with a big block 3 core shortly after I obtained the car. My car has Bilstein shocks at both ends. The distributor was also replaced with a Pertronix no points system and a matching coil. New radiator hoses with the engine install as well as a new water pump.