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1969 Trans-Am Mustang Results

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May 11 – Wolverine Trans-Am
Michigan International Speedway, Irish Hills, MI
Parnelli Jones (Moore)1st
Peter Revson (Shelby)29th DNF (blown tire)
George Follmer (Moore)34th DNF (clutch)
Horst Kwech  (Shelby)42nd DNF (accident)
May 30 – Lime Rock Trans-Am
Lime Rock Park, CT
Sam Posey (Shelby)1st
Swede Savage (Moore)2nd
John Cannon (Moore)4th
Horst Kwech (Shelby)30th DNF (brakes)
June 8 – Mid-Ohio Trans Am
Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course, Lexington, OH
Parnelli Jones (Moore)2nd
Geroge Follmer (Moore)3rd
Peter Revson (Shelby)4th
Horst Kwech (Shelby)10th
June 22 – Bridgehampton Trans-Am
Bridgehampton Race Circuit, NY
George Follmer (Moore)1st
Peter Revson (Shelby)5th
Parnelli Jones (Moore)18th DNF (wiring fire)
Horst Kwech (Shelby)21st DNF (transmission)
July 6 – Donneybrooke Trans-Am
Donneybrooke International Speedway, Brainerd, MN
Parnelli Jones (Moore)1st
Peter Revson (Shelby)3rd
Horst Kwech (Shelby)10th DNF (accident)
George Follmer (Moore)16th DNF (accident)
July 20 – Hearld Traveler Challenge Trophy Trans-Am
Bryar Motorsport Park, Loudon, NH
Peter Revson (Shelby)3rd
George Follmer (Moore)4th
Parnelli Jones (Moore)17th DNF (overheating)
Horst Kwech (Shelby)20th DNF (transmission)
August 3 – Three Hours of Le Circuit Trans-Am
Mt. Tremblant, St Jovite, Quebec
George Follmer (Moore)27th DNF (accident)
Peter Revson (Shelby)28th DNF (accident)
Horst Kwech (Shelby)29th DNF (accident)
Parnelli Jones (Moore)34th DNF (shifter linkage)
August 10 – Glenn 500 Trans-Am
Watkins Glen, NY
Parnelli Jones (Moore)2nd
PeterRevson (Shelby)19th DNF (accident)
George Follmer (Moore)26th DNF (pitted)
August 24 – Laguna Seca Tran-Am
Laguana Seca Raceway, Monterey, CA
Dan Gurney (Shelby)3rd
Peter Revson (Shelby)4th
George Follmer (Moore)23rd DNF (broken wheel)
Parnelli Jones (Moore)27th DNF (differential)
September 7 – Kent 300 Trans-Am
Seatlle International Raceway, Kent, WA
Parnelli Jones (Moore)2nd
Peter Revson (Shelby)4th
Dan Gurney (Shelby)10th
George Follmer (Moore)20th DNF (acccident)
September 21 – Sear Point Trans-Am
Sears Point International Raceway, Sonoma, CA
Parnelli Jones (Moore)2nd
George Follmer (Moore)3rd
Horst Kwech (Shelby)DNF (transmission)
Peter Revson (Shelby)DNF (carburetor)
October 5 – Mission Bell 500 Trans-Am
Riverside International Raceway, Riverside, CA
Peter Revson (Shelby)4th
Horst Kwech (Shelby)9th
George Follmer (Moore)DNF (wheel)
Parnelli Jones (Moore)DNF (radiator)
Al Unser (Moore)DNF (engine)