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The Shelby Cobra Main

The first cars Carroll Shelby produced were the infamous AC Cobras. This section will provide info about these unique cars. The stuff that legends are made of.

Table of Contents

  • The Shelby Story – where did Carroll Shelby come from and how did he end up building the Cobra?
  • Shelby Time Line
  • The Dragonsnake – Drag racing Cobra
  • The Essex Wire Cobra – the Winningest Cobra in 1965
  • Hey The Little Cobra” – the song with all the words
  • The Cobra Daytona Coupe Story
  • Art Colley’s The Cobra Note Book with some great pictures and stories
  • Cobra Ads
  • Cobra Gallery
  • Castrol Oil’s Ad 1965 from MotorCity SAAC club
  • Castrol Oil’s used in the Cobras Car and Driver ad 1966 from MotorCity SAAC
  • Castrol Oil’s ad “Bringing America it’s first World Manuafactorer’s Championship” 1966 Car & Driver from MotorCity SAAC
  • Goodyear ad “Racing with the Cobras” from MotorCity SAAC+

Cobra Specifications

Carroll Shelby

Cobra Stories and Cobra Books

  • Disappearing into the Distance,  Mike Anson, writer for  Motor Trend,  telling about the first time he saw a Cobra taken from Shelby’s Wildlife by Wallace Wyss
  • Ford Cobra Guide by Bill Carroll Modern Sports Car Series (c) 1964 Sports Car Press
  • Shelby’s Wildlife, the Cobras, Mustangs and Dodges by Wallace Wyss
  • Shelby Cobra, The Shelby American Original Archives 1962-1965  by Dave Friedman. Dave was
  • PR director at Shelby American during those wonder years. There are lots of great pictures with
  • Dave’s insights of those years.
  • Carroll Shelby’s Racing Cobra by Dave Friedman and John Christy. A must see Cobra book…
  • The Shelby American Registry from SAAC
  • Cobra-Ferrari Wars 1963-1965 by Michael Shoen
  • The Cobra Story by Carroll Shelby as told to John Bentley, I think this book is out of print (Trident Press)
  • Original AC Ace & Cobra The Restorers Guide to AC, Bristol and Ford Engined Cars
  •  Ace, Aceca and Cobra (c) 1990 by Rinsey Mills  (Bay View Books Ltd.)
  • Cobras and Replicas 1962-1983 Compiled byR. M. Clarke ( Brooklands Books)
  • Cobra (c) 1989 by Beki Adam (Osprey Publishing Limited)
  • Car and driver on Cobra, Shelby and Ford GT40 1963-1984.
  • AC Cobra; The Complete Story By Brian Laban (Crowood Autoclassics series.)
  • Cobra and Cobra replicas 1962-1989 Gold Portfolio compiled by R.M. Clarke (Brooklands Series)
  • Road & Track on Cobra, Shelby & Ford GT40 1962-1992
  • Shelby American Cobra/Mustang Guide Edited by Richard J. Kopec Hot Rod Magazine Automotive Series
  • Daytona Cobra Coupes: Carroll Shelby’s 1965 World Champions by Peter Brock, Dave Friedman, George Stauffer
  • Luuk de Boers List of Cobra books

Cobra Pictures and Links on the Web