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The 2015 Shelby GT350 was first displayed at the Los Angels Autoshow in 2014. The car is powered by a 5.2L modular V8. This Mustang is the best handling Mustang ever offered. It is a track ready off the showroom. And if you really want to get serious about racing you can step up the the GT350R version. What makes this really really unique is the flat plane crank, code-name Voodoo. And it is very limited production.

The engine makes 536 HP and will rev to 8,250 rpm. That is right, red line is 8,250 on this engine. The flat plane crank allows the engine to make horse power all the way to 8,250 rpm. Ponder that. When I push my 68 GT 350 and hit 4000 rpm it’s real obvious how much I am asking that engine to do. This 5.2L has another 4,250 rpm to go above that and horsepower all the way up. This is a version of the Coyote engine. When you rev it out it sounds more like a European Ferrari instead of a V8 Ford.

The handling and braking are what you would expect for a track car. Huge Brembo discs all around. The suspension is set up for a track but Ford tuned it with special progressive springs to not make it bone jarring like the original ’65 Shelby GT 350. Car and Driver said the brakes took some getting use to. I can appreciate that. The brakes in my 2014 GT with Performance Package were as much to get use to as the 435 Coyote engine was. Those brakes WILL STOP the car is you press on the brakes and do it quickly. I can only imagine how great the brakes would be on a GT350.

The GT350 will hit 0-60 in 4.2 secs. The R version will hit 60 in 3.9 secs. Same horse power. Slightly different suspension.

Fuel economy: I probably don’t have to tell you this is not an economy car. It is rated at 21 on the highway. Car and Driver got 19 mpg.

Street Driving: The GT350 behaves very well on the street. I am really amazed how well my 2017 Mustang GT does on the street. Drive it like you should on the street and it behaves extremely well. Get on it and it becomes a different beast.

2015 GT350 Option Pricing (MSRP):

Tech Package = $7,500

Track Package = $6,500

Navigation = $795

Painted Black Roof = $695

Triple Yellow = $495

Over the top stripes = $475

2015 GT350R Option Pricing (MSRP): R Package (over base GT350) = $3,500

SVT Touring Package = $3,000

Navigation = $795

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