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My wife says I live for taking my Shelby to car shows during the summer. Yep, I do. I need an excuse to drive my car so why not take it to a car show? I have been doing that since I got the car in 1982. Car shows are the best place to talk to car people. My Shelby Mustang is a very rare car. One of my favorite things to do is talk about my car. I enjoy giving people a chance to see this rare car, too.

Here are a collection of some the the best pictures I have taken at different car shows.

My favorite car shows are ones that host all kinds of cars. I am a car guy. I like all kinds of cars. My favorite cars are 60’s muscle cars but I like all kinds of other sporty cars. If have a car that is a love of your life, that works for me regardless of what the car is.

One of my new neighbors, years ago, was into street rods. We got acquainted when I had my Shelby in my driveway and he stopped by. Being new to the area, he invited me to go with him to some car shows in his light blue, classic Ford Galaxy convertible. At that time I really wasn’t into those cars, but I have to say today, those are pretty cool cars. In some ways, the 60’s classic cars have become the new street rods. I realized that as I was upgrading my Mustang. Street rods are old cars that the owners have upgraded with current technology. That is what I have been doing with my Mustang. I think it is interesting that many of us car owners tend to be into cars that were offered when we first got into cars during high school.

40’s something Plymouth at Samaritan Tire Car Show in 2010

If you have a car that you think is cool, tell me about it. I know what goes into caring for a car, especially a classic car. Tell me your car’s story. I am all ears.

One of my Mustang friends and I were at our Ford Club’s show talking about attending car shows. He said, you know if you have seen one Mustang you have seen them all. Well, I can understand the thought, there were millions of Mustangs sold, but each car has a unique history and story. I’ll be one of the first to tell you I admire your car. I like to hear that myself, so the owners hear that from me. Some of my personal favorites are Pontiac Trans Ams, Z-28 Camaros, Javelin AMXs, Mitsubishi 3000 GTs, Toyota Supras, Datsun/Nissan Z cars to name a few. I have even owned some of those non-Ford cars myself.